Post Dental Extraction Basal Skull Osteomyelitis With Cranial Nerve Palsy

Tan Ciang Sang, Haiza Hani Hamidon, Zainah Shaikh Hedra


Background: A 9 year old boy presented with history of persistent headache and recurrent vomiting for 1 month post dental extraction. CT brain was performed for the possibility of space occupying lesion but it was normal. Subsequently, he was treated as migraine after exclusion of meningitis and intracranial lesion. Unfortunately, he developed 3rd, 4th and 6th cranial nerve palsy two weeks later. Repeated CT brain showed subtle finding and inconclusive. MRI brain performed at the time showed features suggestive of basal skull osteomyelitis with congestion of right orbit and optic nerve swelling. Case was referred to Paediatric Neurologist and he was diagnosed to have cranial nerve palsy secondary to basal skull osteomyelitis, post dental extraction.

Conclusion: Dental procedure is common among children, however basal skull osteomyelitis with cranial nerve palsy is a rare complication. Adequate treatment of dental infection post dental procedure is important to prevent this complication.

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Basal Skull; Osteomyelitis; Post Dental Extraction; Cranial Nerve Palsy

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