How Can We Improve Code Blue Training For Non-Paediatricians: An Experience From Students-Conducted Assessment In National Clinical Skills Conference

Erwin Khoo Jiayuan, Stefan Kutzsche


Introduction: Training of all health personnel involved in paediatric care is a key determinant of successful outcome during paediatric emergencies. We aimed to identify the need for paediatric Mock Code Blue skills training among nonpaediatricians in a pre-hospital setting through checklist assessment of their performance.

Methods: A paediatric septic shock and cardiac arrest Mock Code Blue pre-hospital scenarios were presented for non-paediatricians during a National Clinical Skills Conference. Eight medical student assessors and four clinical facilitators were involved in this training. Participants were expected to be able to demonstrate the skills and teamwork necessary to manage paediatric emergencies according to the learning outcomes.

Results: A total of 97 delegates participated in a facilitated paediatric Mock Code Blue for multidisciplinary groups of health personnel. Outcome measures showed a significant lack of communication and team work skills, and weakness in “closing the loop” as barriers to successful resuscitation.

Conclusion: We recommend Mock Code Blue simulation training to be offered regularly to all groups of healthcare providers involved in paediatric and neonatal care while not overlooking the emphasis on non-technical skills.

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Assessment; Emergency Paediatric; Simulation Training; Student Assessors

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